I am not sure of this is in the right place, but here goes anyway.

I (along with a friend of mine) have written a show, actually 2 short musical plays for children. The lovely folks at Roleystone theatre have supported us in putting these two shows on as "Storytime in the Hills" these coming school holidays!

I was sick of simpering, lacklustre princesses, boring plots, and commercialised kids stuff. I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars to go and see a show that was a carbon copy of what I could see on the telly. I wanted my children to have strong, brave, exciting, positive role models, regardless of the character's gender and I didn't want to spend a fortune on it!

It is on in the first week of the holidays:
Monday the 1st
Wednesday the 3rd
Friday the 5th

11am and 2pm each day.

Bookings on 93975730, payment at the door. Adults/parents/caregivers free, Children $10 which includes a snack and a drink.

I am not getting paid for this, and neither is the other author. We literally wanted our kids to be able to go and see a show with really strong role models and positive messages without having to fork out hundreds of dollars, and I was positive that other parents would want the same too.

Here is the Facebook event link:

Again, I hope this is in the right place!!