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    Quote Originally Posted by ciaomamma View Post
    Babyla thank you!!!! I read your post yesterday and it worked!!!! DD wakes up for one feed during the night so not too bad but she used to sleep through quite happily then boom back to waking up, anyway she sleeps in the basinette next to me so as soon as she stirs I'm up thinking she's hungry. Last night I heard her shuffle and checked she was ok, gave her the dummy and tucked her in... some shuffling and 5 min later she was back to sleep!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! So big fat thanks!!!
    That is awesome! So happy for you - it feels like a new world
    We were definitely waking DS up and it feels so much better when you realise he is learning to re-settle and get himself back to sleep, I think it has helped a lot with his day sleeps as well - going from 1 sleep cycle to 2 some days. It doesn't happen every night but I think at least I'm learning his signals a lot better.

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    Sending you some massive hugs, DS has only come good with his sleep in the last few weeks and he is 20 months old. Sleep deprivation sucks.


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