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    Default Coughing baby

    My baby girl (5.5 months) has picked up a cough. It started out dry a couple of days ago but has become more wet and now her coughing is keeping her awake... Apart from vaporiser, vicks etc is there anything else I can do for her? My DP wants me to take her to the doc, but I don't see that they'll be able to do anything and think it will be a wasted trip, should I take her?

    Just feeling a bit useless, this is the first time she's been sick

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    be watchful for any high temp, and also some gentle baby massage might help, but really, if the coughing is now disturbing her sleep, I would go to a doctor. There is not much you can give as far as medications, but the dr will tell you what to do if things get worse. It is important to not just let things run the course when babies are small, it can get serious very quickly. marie.

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    I would take her to the docs. True they will probably do nothing but at least they can listen to her chest and make sure she's not got a mild pneumonia or something. Or perhaps they may suspect whooping cough by listening to it. Or they may think it's croup and she'd benefit from medication. GPs listen to loads and loads of kids coughs so they can tell these things quite easily. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Apart from that, sometimes baby's coughs can be from snot running down the back of her throat - a nasal spray (such as FESS) and suction can help a lot. Demazin can also help in this situation to dry up the snot and mucus (and helps the cough if that's from nasal congestion) but you need a script from the doc.

    Good luck! I hate when bubs are sick, it's the worst thing in the world!

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