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    Default Severe Endometrioisis - Bowel Surgery

    Hi, Early this year I had an ectopic pregnancy, and was treated with Methotrexate. Ever since the Methotrexate dose, I have had excruciating period pains (especially lower back / anal area) and also pains and bleeding during ovulation.

    Prior to this I did not suffer that much with periods, although I was on the pill for 11 years. After 3 cycles since ectopic, I have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis. It has been found on the ovaries and recto-vaginal: bowel and uterus stuck together, and it has protruded through vagina.

    I have had Laparoscopy to drain endo on ovaries, and now waiting to have Segmental rectal resection operation to remove the thing lesion of endo in my bowel and vagina. This will involve having an external bag while colon heals.

    I was wondering if anyone has been through a similar experience or operation?? Very interested to hear your stories! And if they were able to conceive after the operation?

    Any advise/stories greatly appreciated!!

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    I don't have any advice but couldn't read and not reply with some hugs for you. I too have severe endo. I had a lap to remove endo 3 months ago. My uterus was completely adhered to my stomach. I had extensive endo removal, removal of a substantial mass on my right side ( so much so that even now from the outside my right side looks different to my left because of the removal of some fat around the the mass) and 90% of my uterus and stomach wall separated. The last 10% cannot be separated by a lap as my bowel is also adhered in there somewhere too, although they couldn't get a precise look at how. So I still have severe endo on my bowel and its bound to other organs. I was told to see how I go as the surgery would be the same as what you are describing so if I can live without it to avoid it. However I have *TMI warning, severe constipation pretty much any time my bowels are full and I get very painfully cramping about an hour or so before I need to go to the toilet. I depend on stool softners just to keep me semi-regular and use micro enemas when it gets too bad. I have just found out I am pregnant 2 days ago ( still getting over the shock after 2.5 years TTC with undiagnosed endo). I will need a c section so that means putting off the surgery for my bowel for at least a couple of years as I will need to recover from the c section. Bit scared as they beleive my uterus and stomach and bowel binding happened post c section from DD1, so worried about what will happen this time around.
    It's a horrible disease to live with and manage and surgeries are not exactly fun either. Hope it all goes well for you and your quality of life improves. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat or just vent.

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    Hi Megzel

    I feel for you honey, you are in for a world of hurt. Sorry but its true, I had to have two months off work. I was lucky enough to get away without having my bowel sectioned, I only had the outer two layers shaved to get rid of the endo leaving one layer of bowel intact, I therefore didn't need the bag but had to be very careful with eating and drinking so I didn't split it. I had a vaginal reconstruction, and it sounds like you are going to have that too. My pouch of Douglas was hardened with endo and it had to be chipped away, I also had endo attached to a nerve which also was chipped away.

    My mother had bowel cancer and had to have part of her bowel cut out and she was in a world of hurt too.

    it shouldn't stop you from conceiving but, they won't let you give birth naturally, you will need a c section.

    Good luck and sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The bright side for me was that I didn't get endo again after that major operation, they cleaned me right out and I haven't had to go back.


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