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    I originally wanted a 2-2.5 year ago gap between my bubs but life doesn't always co-operate! Two miscarriages later and my son is getting a baby brother soon, he'll be right on 3 years old.

    Although this isn't what we planned, in retrospect I think it's perfect for us. When I was preggy with the miscarriages I remember being quite worried how I'd cope because DS was still going to be quite young (21 months and then 25 months). But this time around I feel he'll be the perfect age. He seems to truly understand what's going on. He's far enough from being the "baby" to hopefully not feel any ownership of his old cots/toys etc, and he is sooo keen to help and so interested in babies etc. Much more independent, sleeping well generally, toilet trained etc. He will understand if I can't attend to him immediately (I hope!).

    Also, apart from those practicalities, I'm also happy I got to spend 3 years just being HIS Mummy, and I feel it'll also be easier to give the baby more one-on-one time considering DS is a bit older and able to look after himself/goes to daycare etc.

    Also, I HOPE 3 years won't be too big of a gap for them to play together... that's probably my only real concern about this gap. Time will tell...

    But, as I said, life doesn't usually co-operate so try not to get too fixed on any particular age gaps.

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    There is a 3.5 year age gap between DD1 and DD2 and a 23 month age gap between DD2 and DS1. I've noticed now DD1 is 7 the gap between her and her sister has really opened up - DD1 doesn't want much to do with her as DD2 is still 3 and too much of "a baby" for her (her words, not mine). It can cause real fights between them as DD1 can be quite mean to her sister. I'm told though by my friends with closer age gaps that they are going through the same thing - I think at around 7 it seems some girls start to become aware they are getting older and want to distance themselves from younger siblings, whether they are 12 months younger or nearly 4 years apart.

    On the flipside DD2 and DS1 play really nicely together now DS1 is 18 months old. But then he can be too rough at times.

    DD1 also plays really well with DS1 (hide and seek, peek-a-boo, chasing games), so go figure?

    My sister and I were 2.5 years apart and I thought that was a good gap for us.

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    a 5 year separation between sibs is ideal:



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