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    Default Coping with a toddler while pregnant

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have any tips/advice for being pregnant and looking after a toddler!
    I'm currently 4 weeks 4 days and my son is 2 1/2. He is VERY Active And "all-boy", he Is lovely to look after it just takes si much energy. He is great though - we've spent today at the park and beach and had lunch and now he is watching a kids movie while I sit down for a bit, I just feel so guilty! The house is a bit messy, our meals are very basic, and I'm feeling like a lazy slob needing to rest so much. I am concerned that it will get harder as I am only 4 weeks into this pregnancy.
    Any tips on Maintaining a clean house, meals, a toddler whilst coping with fatigue? I think I'll be cooking in bulk - Atleast reheating frozen meals doesn't take much energy
    TIA x

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    I am with you here. I have an active 2.8 yr old and 4y old and I work 3 days week. I am 13 weeks and have had 24 hour nausea ( some ) since 5 weeks. It's hell!!! DH has to help with dinners as the smell was making me sick and help with the kids more in the afternoons. My sister has been a great help. Mainly I have had to get over the mother guilt and let them watch more TV then is healthy and not get out and do things as much I was normally would. Has you?M/S started yet??? It is really , really hard I have to agree. Try and get your DH to help out more? Our house is a mess ATM ( DH helps but cleaning is not his thing - aparently).

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    Im 33 weeks pregnant and 2 year old twins and its a nightmare. The are busy active boys too. They are very naughty at the moment and have me running and chasing them all day. Getting them in the pram or the car seat is a real fight and my back is killing me

    Im trying to hard to keep them busy but its such hard work. We went to a play centre today and it was exhausting. It makes me really scared for whats about to come when the baby is here.

    As for a clean house.......I try but if it doesn't get done well so be it.

    I leave the vacuum out and do a quick wizz around every day, helps make things feel cleaner.


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