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    Quote Originally Posted by DesperatelySeekingSleep View Post
    We pay rates/taxes etc and are constantly bombarded by media telling us that we should call police if we should witness crimes etc.. If I were in OP situation I would probably do the same thing and I would expect them to knock on the door with a warning. AT THE VERY LEAST. If I didn't want to take it further I would hope the stern talking to would be enough to put then of doing it again. There are people out there who don't own TVs these days. Strange I know. So maybe the owner of the car honestly did not know and was totally ignorant, who knows. but as tax payers and rate payers I would hope there were enough resources to act on these things in this way. God knows there is enough revenue raising as it is. I think it is unfair to blame OP for calling up as a concerned citizen and hoping something might be done without having to stand up in court and point the finger and hope like heck there isn't any retaliation afterwards. So many things go unreported because of this.
    As a tax payer I'd rather know that the police are working on things like rape, domestic abuse, drugs, car theft and about half a dozen other things than driving around to tell people off based on one persons say so.

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    We can't have people reporting people for things willy nilly (not saying you did this OP)and expecting police to just do something about it. There are a couple of reasons for this;
    - people who are reporting others need to be accountable, this ensures that their reports are genuine and not vengeful
    - people are innocent until proven guilty and have a right to be proven guilty rather than an assumption of guilt

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    I had the perfect reply but the internet are it but basically smoking in a car with children is a form of abuse. It may not be violent in nature but it is still dangerous. But I think the moral of the story is don't report anything to the police unless you are prepared to stand face to face with the criminal and point your finger at them because there is no such thing as being able to do the right thing and remain anonymous for your own safety these days.

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    I haven't read any other posts, but I think the key here is that you need to be prepared to go to court to give evidence. I don't think it's inevitable. I dobbed in a hoon last year and got the same response. I said 'yeah, no problem' and they never got back to me.

    BTW, I think it's wonderful that you dobbed him in. Even if it doesn't go further than a warning/fine for the douche, hopefully he'll think twice before lighting up in front of little ones again.

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    Default So...

    Why don't you do a statement up and see what happens? You can't just 'tell' the cops and think that's where your job as a conscientious citizen ends... The cops can't do anything based on someone who calls up.Sign the statement and give the poor kid a chance..


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