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    Question Implantation bleeding or just pre-period signs? Am I pregnant?

    I had intercourse earlier this month (7th) which was during my "fertile window" (according to a phone app). However, I am on the Implanon (since March 2011) a condom was also used and my partner did not ejaculate inside of me. Although I cannot be sure if a small amount of pre-ejaculate got on the tip of the condom prior to penetration.
    I have also since had intercourse probably two or three times since, also always with double protection (implanon & condom, although there has been an ejaculation while penetrated during one [or more] of these times).

    According to this phone app, I was due to ovulate on the 10th with my next period to begin on the 24th. Well, now it is the 22nd and I woke up yesterday morning with a very small amount of (brown) blood on my underwear. Upon wiping, I found a small amount of red blood. I didn't really bleed much for the rest of the day, but I did find another small amount of red blood upon wiping this morning. I had been feeling a bit crampy and my skin has broken out a little, too. 

    I cannot be entirely sure how accurate this app is as I have only just started using it, and I know they are generally meant for "natural cycles" (i.e. no contraceptive use) and due to the implanon, my periods have become quite irregular, so thus it is difficult to keep track of my proper cycle. Prior to the implanon, though, my cycle was like clockwork.

    What are the chances of this being an implantation bleeding, or just my pre-period spotting? I sometimes get brown discharge in the days leading to my period .. sometimes.

    I am aware implantation bleeding generally occurs 6-12 days post ovulation, and well, today would be the twelth..

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    I'd say it's just pre-period spotting


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