Hi Everyone,

I went through my first mc this week and was4.5weeks. After bleeding for a week I passed what seemed like the sac yesterday. My bleeding has since gone down drastically just getting some spotting now.

The question i have though is about this pressure I felt on my bladder all night!!! It felt like I had to pee really badly but I didn't since I had already been to the toilet ten thousand times! It was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep!

I have had a UTI before so I know what that feels like but this was similar but different, if that makes sense?! I don't have any pain when peeing it is just a feeling like I have a very full bladder.. It also seemed worse when lying down rather than standing. Has anyone else had these sensations after a miscarriage? I am not sure if I should see a doc, it does seem better at the moment (I am over going to the docs at the moment )