I have developed a really painful and itchy rash (almost always present) all over my hands while I was pregnant. It seems to then get even worse while I am breastfeeding.

With the first baby I was amazed that it cleared up immediately I stopped breastfeeding. Then I have been pregnant and breastfed again twice since, and had the same thing happen.

I can't seem to find anything about this phenomenon and I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problam?

I have tried lots of things. Hydrocortisone doesn't really touch it. The doctor has prescribed Advantan. Most days I cover my hands with it and then put sticky plasters (Band Aids) over the areas which are sore/itchy/split/bleeding. This does help a bit, but I still wake up at night sometimes as my hands itch so much.

It's horrible. I have tired wearing gloves constantly to change nappies (disposable ones) as well as always using gloves to do any washing up/cleaning.

I have been taking extra vitamin C, zinc, folate, multivitamins. Oh and the first thing I did was switch all the soaps etc, to "soap free".

I have seen a dermatologist, I was pregnant and so she just gave me hydrocortisone. Which you can buy over the counter anyway.

I think the only answer is that it will (hopefully) go away once I finish breastfeeding my last child who is now nine months old.

But I am just putting this message up in the vain hope that someone else might have had this experience? Is it just hormonal, or is there something else I can try to make it go away. It is torture sometimes!

Thanks in advance!