just got a letter from Centerlink with a huge huge bill... rang them and apprently CSA did not tell Centerlink the correct child support amount.

Centerlink only has info from CSA about the standard amount ex should pay based on his income NOT the actual amount he pays me based on our CSA agreement which overrides that...

so annoyed!! Centerlink are going to phone CSA but how annoying! I specifically rang Centerlink when we first did the agreement with CSA last financial year and asked if I had to declare any extra I was getting over and above the standard taxable rate (through CSA agreement ex and I did) and was told no.. CSA take care of that and tell us... well so much for that! they didn't tell centerlink now I owe heaps and heaps!!! so ***** annoyed!!!

anybody else have this happen?

oh and looks like (according to the centerlink woman) they have the wrong amount STILL on the centerlink books from CSA! so if I hadn't rung about it I would have had another huge debt at the end of this financial year!

honestly it's not good enough that two agencies can't speak to each other properly and now I have a debt!! I did everything correct! perhaps I should have not used CSA if they were that unreliable! but then again my ex would refuse to pay through any other means.