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Hi jfblady

I don't really know what you're going through but I will say one thing: I hate housework anytime and I've only got a maltese/shih tzu to look after and not by myself. Steve and mum do their fair share! I'm called LB by mum, bro, and other family members, which stands for Lazy Bones. How rude!! But truthfully, I'd rather pluck my non-existent eyebrows with a pair of pliers than do housework.

So... tell your ma to hire a Johny Depp lookalike for you to clean up around the place and that you'd be happy to assist him by shouting "great job!!" and "couldn't be cleaner" with a few "wooh hooos" thrown in to the mix. And then you could introduce him to me

Ya see how I create complete fantasies? How embarro!!