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    Default Private schools Melbourne


    I have looked into a mix of private schools for dd and am looking for feedback for Melbourne private schools. I am particularly interested to hear about the following schools:

    Ivanhoe Grammar
    Eltham College
    Ruyton girls' school

    Please feel free to pm me if you don't feel comfortable posting in the main forum


    Ps. Will also consider other options but I have prob ruled out bayside schools based upon geographical location.

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    The Better Education website is a great resource for this kind of thing. In fact it was a driving force behind us choosing public education over private like we'd originally planned. (Our local public schools are within about 3 min walk, and scored EXTREMELY high on the list of the best schools, so we're going with them).

    Here's the list of the top schools in terms of overall academic rating:

    And here's just the public ones (the two top ones are selective schools so not exactly public but not exactly not):

    That's just secondary, there's tabs for primary too.

    Made our decision much easier, that's for sure. Hope it helps! Don't rule out some of the public schools near you, because they might score much better than the private ones you're looking at.

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    Thanks Leens,

    I have already been on the better education website. It was something I did before visiting the schools. However, I'm keen to find out the stuff that's not on the websites or mentioned at tours/interviews. The good, the bad and the ugly!

    Do any of the schools "encourage" pupils to transfer if they are not going to excel at the school?

    Is there a problem with bullying and it's just "swept under the carpet"

    For Ivanhoe grammar that was formerly a single sex school,are girls treated as "second class" individuals?

    Anything else you feel you would want to know that may influence your choice.


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    Are you looking for primary school or high school? Do you have children that might be in both at the same time?

    I don't know about those specific schools, but geographically they seem to be very far apart. There are a lot of other good schools around Melbourne. Are you thinking of moving close to the school? Then main thing I'd consider is location. I went to a private school 20 minutes from home and we didn't live near public transport so it was quite onerous on my parents to drive me to/from school and to/from school functions. My ds goes to a private school 10 - 15 minutes from our current house and we are planning to move closer to his school to shorten the journey. It might not seem that far, but when you do the round trip twice a day that's pretty much an hour out of your day and with a baby in tow for those trips it is a significant part of the day. My brothers went to a private school that was 40 minutes away by train and they were treated as 2nd class citizens because they came from the outer suburbs - a suburb that most people hadn't heard of and definitely didn't know where it was. That meant it was nearly impossible to have their friends over and so they usually went to their friends houses instead - meaning more driving for us. And of course, Saturday sport 40+ minutes away was a chore as they both did cricket which sometimes meant 7am starts at the school - by that stage I was old enough to drive so I often got *that* short straw.

    Bullying is going to be an issue at any school and honestly how they deal with it today is not necessarily how it is dealt with in 2 - 5 years time. I wouldn't base my choice of future school on their current bullying policy (I'm assuming you're not talking about school entry for 2013).

    As for encouraging under performing students to leave you're going to struggle to find that information even if it exists. Some under performing students will drop out of schools. All schools will expel a student or two along the way. I doubt this would be in big numbers though.

    I'm pretty sure unless you are pregnant and you or your dp/dh went to Ivanhoe Grammar you won't get in. My ds was in Kinder with a boy last year who struggled to get into Ivanhoe Grammar (I *think*) eventhough his Dad went there and his name went down at birth and they live within walking distance. Apparently their intake is at 3yo Kindergarten, not Prep, so trying to get a child in at Prep is pretty difficult. That little boy did get in, but only after a LOT of pushing.

    What I would ask about is:
    - class sizes
    - school start/finish times (they do vary more than I realised!)
    - out of school hours care availability/cost/details
    - out of school hours commitments (sport/musicals/etc/etc) - don't forget to ask about geographical location - many of the inner suburban schools have a separate sports facility off site which is not necessarily near public transport and might be a longer way from your home.
    - ask about geographical location of various year levels. Some schools send their year 9's elsewhere - either in Melbourne, or to the country. And junior schools and senior schools are often located at different sites.
    - you can ask about gender ratios. Some single sex schools do have issues with ratios, but actually I think you'll find those schools are more proactive at maintaining as close to 50:50 as possible. At my ds's private school Kinder there are 13 boys and 5 girls in his class. That's just how it's worked out for this year, but that means in Prep next year there will probably still be more boys too.
    - support for students who are struggling/needing extension (is there is a dedicated teacher, other than the classroom teacher to oversee this)

    I hope this has been a bit helpful.

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