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    Thanks for the advice I'm hoping it won't get too bad, most people I've talked to have said they mostly got nausea but not much actual vomiting so I hope I'm in the same boat
    We're not really planning on telling anyone at the moment, until after the first scan so I haven't told my boss yet. If I start to get MS I might have to tell them so they know what's going on but I hope I can hold out because I don't want to have to tell my boss before I even tell my family.

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    Congratulations!!! I had morning sickness from 7/8 weeks till 13 weeks, it started with nausea and I would throw up once or twice a day I usually felt it coming, except for this once where I had a big snack (big no no... small meals frequently) anyway I was at work and it just blaaahhh everywhere... On my desk computer floor myself... Horrible and embarrassing but everyone was very nice about it and it was never mentioned again. So my suggestion is have a trash bin ready under your check out for emergency and if you have to run... run!! People are very understanding of this things... also small meals and safe foods like bread and vegetables or pasta. Good luck and hey you might not even have morning sickness!!

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    I only had a couple of moments where I'd go "hold that thought" *BARF*! I also learnt not to second guess myself after throwing up into my hands a couple of times. I was on anti-nausea meds which didn't always suppress vomiting. So every time I felt the urge to cough (as in clear my throat feeling) I did so over a sink or bent over grass. Lol. But 90% of the time I had enough warning to make it to the loo/sink/grass. Good times. Lol.


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