My baby is 16 month now and still breastfeeding several times a day.
Of course, I follow the childhealth nurse's instruction to breastfeed after food and limit the amount of milk etc etc.. so my toddler is eating his solids (6 times a day) and eating well.

My question is that when he is tired, especially back from childcare or at the end of the day, he wants to have his milk and because he hasn't taken a bottle or anything since when he was born, I still have to breastfeed him directly.

I want to wean him off the breast but it has been very difficult because he kicks and screams and pulls my top off if I don't give him milk.

How will I ever wean him off the breast?
Do I just refuse his request everytime he ask and disregard his tantrum and tears and wait for him to get used to not having breastmilk??

I need some strategies please..