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    Default Nipple thrush :(

    It looks like I have nipple thrush - pink shiny nipples, intense pain when feeding (especially the moment of attachment) and lines of burning deep in the breast after feeding. DS doesn't seem to have any signs of it in his mouth, but does occasionally rip away from the breast multiple times before settling to feed. You can imagine how much it hurts when he does this

    I went to a lactation consultant and she told me to get Daktarin gel, so I've been using that since Thursday and seen no change in my pain levels. I went to my GP today thinking there might be something systemic that he could give me on prescription, but he told me to get Clotrimazole cream and also to treat DS with Nilstat drops. I'm feeling a bit dubious about this because he didn't seem to know what nipple thrush looks like or feels like and thought the deep pain must be mastitis, which I'm sure it's not because it's been going on for weeks and I otherwise feel fine.

    Should I give the daktarin a bit longer to have an effect? Or is the clotrimazole a better option? The dr didn't seem to think I'd need to wash the cream off before each feed but it's not designed for oral application so I feel like I should be removing it? The dr is lovely but I really felt like I knew more about nipple thrush than he did!

    Your stories would be most welcome!!

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    I had terrible nipple thrush and daktarin did nothing for me at all. I spoke to the chemist who gave me a general anti-fungal cream for my nipples (it may have been clotrimazole) , which had to be cleaned off before every feed - I used diluted apple cider vinegar for this - and used the daktarin, and then Nilstat, on DS even though he wasn't showing signs of having thrush. I also spent a lot of time with no top on and got breast shells for when I had to wear clothes, so that there was no rubbing and it kept the milk away from my nipples (

    After 4-5 weeks of excruciating pain when feeding this cleared it up in 5-6 days, and it started feeling significantly better in a day or 2.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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    I had this for weeks with DS. I ended up seeing a paeds and breastfeeding friendly GP who prescribed a 7 day course of diflucan one, one tablet every 2nd day for 7 days. Also daktarin gel on my nipples and is DS's mouth. That was the only way it cleared up for good.

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    Just wondering how did you go with treating the thrush Countrygirl? I have just come down with this a few days ago. Saw a doctor who gave me clotrimazole cream and so far no changes. Its only been 3 days of using it though. Im in so much pain!! Absolute agony this is the worst breastfeeding ailment ive had so far. Ive had blocked ducts several times & they dont compare to this. I have another doc appointment Tuesday. I hope yours is feeling much better now.


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