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    No one is trying to make you feel guilty. I just think we dont understand your situation.

    Certainly call the school and speak with the principal. They can do a phone conference without you having to be there in person. Just because you cant do a 'face to face' doesnt mean it has less impact.

    Tell them everything that has happened in this incident and other incidences as well.

    I know what you mean when you say you child doesnt lie. Mine doesnt either...he always tells the truth as he hates getting in trouble and we have always said that we wont get angry if he tells us..we may be disappointed but its always better to tell us what has happened.

    I believe there as some things thats kids may tell a white lie about and things that they will honestly talk about. And the incident here, I would totally believe your DD. I mean, what would she gain by lying? It must have really upset her because she had to tell another teacher.

    If you can, document the other incidences and also write this one down so when you do speak with the principal you have all teh info to hand and absolutley request your DD to be moved.

    The thing is you never know is the teacher has had other complaints so its always best to speak up.

    its a horrible situation to be in and I really hope that this is sorted for your DD.

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    Closed at request of the OP, thanks to all who contributed in a positive manner.


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