So while i have a moment to myself, id like to tell you a bit about my weekend, on friday we noticed a little cut on DD#2 foot, it looked like a prickle may have been in there, we put some drawing ontmint on it, and put her to bed, on sat morning her foot had doubled in size and was red hot & very infected we took her up to hospital and they decided we would need a operation to clean out, and needed 24hr course of Iv antibiotics, it was all very scary and happen so fast, within 4 hrs she was in surgery and 2 hours later back at the ward! i stayed with her for the night and she slept for most of it! we came home 12pm sunday and today we head back to hospital to have the wound checked!

I have a new appreciation to all the Mums & Dads with there sick kids, i appreciate my childrens health so much more now, just getting a tiny taste of hospital life for those Little kids & there parents! My Heart Go out to you all !