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    Default Do I talk to my DD about her genital curiosity???

    umm so this is a bit awkward to talk about....

    So I had the camera and uploading the photos etc. off it. My 7yo DD uses it frequently to take photos and videos. So anyways I found 2 video clips of her video recording her bottom etc.

    My interpretation of it would be curiosity of what it all looks like etc. down there. So do I say anything to her? I want to double check why and answer any questions she might have.

    Another thing is she is mildly autistic, dont think it has anything to do with this curiosity but I figure maybe talking to her about appropriateness and that video taping those "private areas" is not the best thing to do?!? She does struggle with understanding social ques/appropriateness & that type of things and this may be the opportunity to make sure she has an understanding and it doesnt evolve into anything more (as innocent as it is atm).

    Just want to handle this the best way possible and dont want her thinking that her curiosity is wrong.

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    Yup, have a chat with her.

    First ask her why she did it, and then go into an age appropriate spiel of how we go to all the trouble of keeping these areas covered, that putting it on film is a bit like walking around with no pants on.. We just don't do it.

    Perhaps suggest, if she is curious, that you can get her a mirror to have in her room. She can check her hair etc, plus whatever else she wants to do in private..

    I hope it is only curiosity... I know I remember trying to check my own bum out as a young kid... lol...

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