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    Default Heinz Nurture possibly causing wind?


    My 4.5 month is old is mainly BF but I offer a formula feed once to twice a day because I know that I have to go back to work in Nov and will eventually have to wean him off Breast.

    I have him on the Heinz Nurture Original formula (for a month now) but I think it is causing him to have wind? He can be quite gassy, fussy with feeding both off the breast and the bottle and seems agitated with his mouth, hands constantly in there and he gets really frustrated? I know the hands in his mouth might be teething but I am thinking it might be wind related as he is still like that even after putting teething gel on his gums? When he is fussy with hands in his mouth the tends to then bring up a bit of vomit or a big burp. Once he has done that he seems to be less agitated with his hand in his mouth. Could this be reflux??

    Has anyone's bubs shown similar behaviours? Was it formula related? Did you change formula? Should I maybe try a reflux formula like Novalec Reflux? With DS1 when I moved him onto formula we tried sooo many to get it right and I am just hoping not to try so many formulas this time.

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    many babies who are on formula have wind etc, i'd try putting infacol drops in the baby's bottle, see how you go with that. it's generally really good.


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