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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyRoberts View Post
    My son went through a faze where he would cry in his sleep and going into him would wake him and agitate
    Him more and cause him to cry more get worked up etc if I left him say 10 mins he would go back to sleep on his own, is there a particular reason you won't leave her to cry a little while, studies show it causes them no hard whatsoever - not causing a fight or judging at all just curious
    My gut instinct just tells me its wrong. I can't really explain it. I cannot stand hearing her cry.

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    subscribing as we are having the exact same issue with our 14mth DS. No idea what is waking him up, he cries for hours (with or without us trying to comfort him) and nothing at all seems to settle him. Am at my wits end trying to work it out. Some nights are fine and others are terrible. I hope we all find a solution soon!

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    My DS would often cry for hours in the middle of the night, or if not crying, would be awake and squirming on my lap, trying to get back to sleep. I also never left him to cry, but my goodness he has cried a hell of a lot in my arms. I read on the Baby Calmer's Facebook page (this lady appears to be very knowledgable and is anti-CC) that crying with a loving caregiver there is not the same as crying alone, because the presence of a caregiver releases oxytocin in the baby's brain, which counteracts the cortisol, or something like that.

    When DS used to wake for hours, either myself or DH would sit with him in the rocking chair and just cuddle him. Now he is in a bed, DH will climb in with him (interestingly, he has never really slept in our bed, he has always hated it but is fine if his dad gets into HIS bed) - and this is much easier. It turned out that a big factor was DS was allergic to tomatoes and it aggravated his eczema - sometimes the cause is really hard to spot. I have a friend whose 2 yo still wakes multiple times a night just for a cuddle - good luck!

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