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    Default Why is it so hard to buy a camera - VENT!!

    Argh!!!! Wanted to go buy a new point and shoot yesterday. Picked out the one I wanted online, and checked to see what stores sold them. Two Harvey Norman's and two JB Hi-Fi's later, I managed to get it from Teds Cameras who thankfully price-matched to the cheaper price.

    Useless sales staff who pretty much said 'we don't have it' and didn't offer to phone other stores, order it in, show me a similar model etc.

    No wonder people are turning their backs on Australian bricks and mortar stores and buying online from overseas. The only reason that stopped me from buying online was the fact that I needed it by next weekend and it wouldn't have arrived in time even though it would have been $100 less, and I wouldn't have had to have left the house. (Plus I actually wanted to check it out first, but guess I could have ordered it online after seeing it at the store)

    Vent over.

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    I always ask them to phone other stores or check their system. Half the time they won't offer because it means they'll lose on commission if you buy at another store. So I ask them to find it at another store and I'll buy it at theirs and they can arrange a "transfer" in the system.

    Most sales people at JBs and the likes are on commission.... so if they don't think they'll make an easy dollar, they're not overly helpful. Some are! But yeah... I find you need to ask for things these days, as sales people aren't always helpful.

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    I've given up even trying to buy in store.
    I recently purchased a new SLR camera from overseas that arrived in 3 days and it was $700 less than the CHEAPEST I could find in Australia delivered. Everything was perfect, no unhelpful sale staff, no one fighting for their commission, no one trying to sell me extras.

    Every single time I have purchased cameras or electrical goods in Australia I have been ripped off. My boyfriend went into Harvey Norman and said that they had the part he was looking for the computer he was building ( I dont know what it actually was) and it was $500 more than what he could buy it online, why are they putting such massive price increases on their stock if they want us to shop there?

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    LOL! I know your pain, but it isn't so much the prices but the service.

    If I am going to pay more for an item I want some service. I have worked in specialist stores and I went out of my way to LEARN my products. But you don't get that any more. Depending on what it is I don't usually mind paying a "bit" more for something but I expect me to know more about a product than the sales person.

    I have to say I don't shop in store much anymore, I can't be bothered with it...


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