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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnC View Post
    Interesting story that raises a some issues for parents:
    1. At what age can a boy sensibly make such a decision? I would argue not before the onset of puberty. The penis is a sexual organ (you don't actually need it for urination!), so a judgement can only be made when sexual development has commenced. That means 14 or so.
    2. Boys are very tribal, and it's quite possible that to be like "friends" means one or two of your best mates rather than all the boys in your age group.
    3. We don't allow boys (or girls) to get tattooed before 16 or 18 even with parental consent for a similar reason -- it's irreversible-- so similar reasoning should apply with circumcision.
    See, I do think it does raise some interesting questions. When we were informed that DSS had chosen to have it done, not for medical reasons, but psychological ones, if I was in a position to, I would have said he should wait till he was 16?, 18?

    On here we have had some parents say they'll let their child be circ'd when they choose to get it done themselves (if), but what age do we put on that?

    As for the number of his friends, I suspect it was less than his mother understood it to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumma Katt View Post
    A parent HAS the right to make any decision for their child.
    That's of course not true. For instance, if you decide to circumcise your daughter, then you commit a criminal offence.

    But as I said earlier, most people (including myself) recognise that in today's society male circumcision is still regarded as a valid matter of parental discretion. This does not, however, make the routine circumcision of male infants ethical or rational, just legal. Simply asserting that it is the right decision does not make it so.

    Second, while I would not try to demean people's personal experience, it is not a reliable guide to estimating the incidence or prevalence of male circumcision, for which I again refer to this most recent research. Bottom line is that for boys born today about 85% will start school in possession of their foreskins.

    On the unrelated matter of when a boy can be considered old enough to make his own decision, I think in reality it varies somewhat with the emotional and physical maturity of the boy but prior to the age of 14 seems certainly too young, and analogy with related legal provisions suggests 18 (ie nominal adulthood) as the safest choice if one were forced to decide on a one-size-fits-all limit. Personally, I'm not a fan of legal regulation and teenage circumcision seems better handled by education and family discussion.

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    Default Circumcision ... :(

    OP, how did you go? My maths is terrible so I'm not sure if you would have had bubs yet. Just wondering if a decision has been made.

    A friend of mine just had her boy done so I was searching for info on it as I don't agree with it either, so this thread had been interesting to read.

    I hope what ever decision was made that you are comfortable with it.


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