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    Default Disco legs vent. Big vent.

    So I am lying here listening to my DH snore the crap out of himself, I have turned all the way around so my legs are up on the wall and my bum is pushed against the wall. I've had 2 baths one for 2 hours and I haven't been to sleep yet and it's 3:30am. I have a 10 month old that wakes at 4 for a bottle and DS soccer presentations at 10am. I'm also 28 weeks pregnant. I haven't slept a full night in 5 weeks even though youngest DS sleeps through.
    I have disco legs or restless legs, I have tried everything to get some relief. I have 13 weeks left of this! I have no idea how I will survive and not be a zombie. I'm tired all day every day and while DH helps a lot it doesn't help me sleep at night. I sit up all night watching creepy YouTube videos about weird people and doing restless legs research.
    My dr can't help, there is nothing I can take. And apparently the Zoloft I am on can only make RLS worse. FAAAARK!

    I sit here waiting for 4-5am to come because for some stupid random rediculous reason that's when it seems to fade. I want to cut off my legs! I don't feel healthy!

    Sorry to have such a big sook.

    What things would you do at night to kill time?

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    Default Re: Disco legs vent. Big vent.

    Ugh you poor thing, restless legs suck!! I had to go to a sleep clinic years ago and they told me that people get suicidal from restless legs. Totally get why!!

    The only thing that gives me relief is getting DP to massage my legs. Even if she just sorta does karate chops on them. There is a capsacin cream that DP uses but I had a bad reaction to it, not sure if you could try that?

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