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    Default A new sibling...advice needed?

    Can you try to get her to "help" it'll make her feel a part of all the new stuff going on.

    Could you possibly get her a gift 'from' the baby? It's one of the things we did.
    Every time DD did something for DS at the start we'd praise her and say something like oh he loves it when you do that for him. Quickly she started feeling very proud of herself as a big sister.

    Perhaps while your drawing or doing something with her ease into a chat, but then leave it for a few days and don't mention it, sometimes they just need some space too.

    It is hard my dd was 7 when DS arrived so I was really scared of ruining our great relationship, but it all works out, DD and DS also adore each other. Just take each day as it comes, you'll get there!

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    Default A new sibling...advice needed?

    Yes we've tried the gift thing as soon as he was born and tried the helping she just gets naughty no matter the praise and encouragement. She had a really good period last night but that was only because he was asleep

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    our second was born 9 months ago and dd1 was almost 3.

    She acted out a lot and I felt sad and angry at times...

    but looking back I see how it was just a 'teething troubles phase'. It didn't last and everything settled down over the months and we are in a new state of normal now and I'm very happy with dd1 and her behaviour.

    ONe thing that used to help things along was to frequently point out that the baby loves her big sister. I'd always show dd1 how bub lights up and is so happy when she sees her.

    Every time bub went to sleep I'd 'make' baby say in a little voice "Nigh-nigh's (insert name) I love you." And dd1 always would say it back to baby and still does.

    It gets easier truly truly. Just everyone is trying to cope with the change in their own way (mum and dad included) and it's a time of 'survive' rather than 'thrive'.

    Just bite your tongue as much as is sensible and keep dishing out the love and reassurance. Read aloud books perhaps when bub is sleeping. This was very appreciated by my dd.


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