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    Default How/when could you/should you discipline someone else's child?

    I just make a general comment .eg, if you can't all play nicely then you can't play together.

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    DS recently has his nose broken by another kid at a party (a deliberate kick to the face) - picture screaming child pouring blood....... Not only was the "offending" child not disciplined - the parents didnt apologise - until nearly two weeks later when they where informed that DS was going for surgery to have it corrected by another parent. Its the scandal of the mummy circle here........

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    It is very tricky.
    I used to babysit 5 kids under 4 from 2 different families. They all knew eachother and generally got along majority of the time.
    Their parents always had a talk to them about how to behave when i (their babysitter) was in charge. The parents always went over with me how they discipline if it ever came to that. I kept it in the back of my mind, but would always deal with situations however i felt comfortable.
    A few particular incidents occured with the kids biting and hitting eachother. Unfortunately i was unable to see who/what/when so it was hard to take anyone's word for it.
    I found talking it out helped. "That's not how we play with our friends", Eye contact and seperation if it persisted. I never punished them. I left that to the parents once i let them know what was happening lol

    If ever i caught my daughter hurting another child, i'd nip it in the bud asap. She's too young for punishment in my eyes, so i'd physically re-direct her (move her away from the child), show her how to say sorry/are you ok and show her im upset with her behaviour yet continue to praise when she plays well with that child again.
    At such a young age, i wouldnt go on and on about bad behaviour. Rather focus on good behaviour.
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