Thank you. I guess I know we are going ok. She usually does protest - she did today when I left her with Nana while I went to the bathroom at the park. She could be distracted by the tap lol until I returned.

She's close to DP and I. Some days she's a mummy's girl and some days she's a daddy's girl.

I guess you have to consider temperament too. She's such a social butterfly, she's loves people watching and her playgroup etc!

She's funny too, DP was pointing out today how she will go and explore her environment, check back with us, go out a bit more, come back for a visit etc. Circle of security and all that

And she 'checks in' with us if she is unsure about someone or something. And if someone new chats to her, and she's not with us, she has a cry and rushes over to us! Poor bubba

Everyone tells me that we are great parents and that she is so well bonded for us.

I'm over thinking it. I know that. I'm just very anxious about being a good parent!

I'm glad I'm not the only one losing sleep! Thanks for the reassurance - I'm sure we are all doing a great job!!