When she first mentioned it to me I laughed and said that my sister was already worrying about how many people were gonna be there and all the arguments that have been had and that it probably was not a good idea. Then DP basically said what I said at a different time. Then reiterated for a third time mute seriously 2 nights ago. Now I am thinking we will let her think about what we have said and wait and see what she does. We are getting there a day before the the wedding and staying at a hotel so she would have to travel 2 hours to get there anyway. I'm hoping it is gonna be to far for her to go for a 5 minute glimpse.

if she still decided to go and is unwanted then at least my sister will know we tried to stop her and will make MIL look like a weirdo, if she goes and my sister decides it's a non issue then it shows we care about trying to respect her wishes of not inviting whoever and trying not to encourage blow ins and we might look a little silly. If she decided not to go then it becomes a non issue anyway.

When I told DP that his mum wanted to go he even said straight away that she would not be wanted there by my sister.

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