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    Default Day time naps affecting night time sleep with 14mo

    Hi all,

    Our 14mo son has been a good day sleeper until around two-three weeks ago.

    He would sleep for 1:30-2hrs for his morning nap, and then give 11-12 hrs overnight.

    He's just had his molars come through and was unsettled during that period... but now his daytime naps either dont happen, or are only about an hour and half at the most and it takes him 20-30 min to fall asleep if he does.

    The catch is however, if he does sleep during the day, he takes a minimum 30-40 mins to fall asleep at night. He's better if he doesn't sleep during the day, but is obviously pretty ratty all afternoon.

    At 14 months, I'd expect he should keep a day sleep, but he has tended to progress through his sleep cycles a few months ahead of expected.

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    Default Day time naps affecting night time sleep with 14mo

    Can you delay his morning sleep? St that age my dd1 was progressing to 1 nap a day at midday. She was sleeping 7.30pm- 5.30/6am overnight and 2.5-3hrs during the day.

    Babies that age need 12-13 hrs of sleep a day on avg. So you might have to reduce the night sleep to get a day nap.


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