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    My DS who is 8yrs old had his tonsils and adenoids taken out earlier this year. We went through a public hospital and ENT. His surgery went fine and DS recovered quickly.

    ETA: DS ate dinner at the hospital a couple hours after the procedure but wasnt interested in breakfast the next day. The nurses refused to let him leave until he ate some breakfast so he forced a bit of toast down. We bought him one of those variety packs of (sugar filled) cereal and let him eat those whenever he wanted. It was half crunchy, half soft and the cool milk felt nice (apparently). We ate normal dinners but made his favourite (baked salmon) which was soft, but he had normal side dishes so he was keeping his wounds clean. He swallowed 'a lump' in hospital and absolutely freaked out.....FREAKED OUT....had to be sedated the 'lump' was a bit of the scab and it just frightened him.
    Looking at him now, its amazing how much the procedure helped him though. He used to rattle the windows at night when he snored and couldnt breathe properly...now he sleeps with his mouth shut and breathes easily through his nose
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    Default risks of tonsillectomy.. your experience?

    Yes kids bleed quite frequently post tonsillectomies. Your ENT should be able to give you a percentage. The most common time is 7-12 days post and is usually in kids who refuse to eat post op. eating normal foods (not just jelly and ice cream) means that the healing tonsil bed is kept clean rather than allowing clots and scabs to form. What happens then is kids start feeling better around a week down the track, eat like normal and scrape off a clot then bleed.
    My advice is follow your post op instructions carefully. Don't leave the metro area for 2 weeks post op and make sure your LO is eating and drinking - give them enough pain relief so that they are able to.
    Good luck. If its really necessary to have them out then the benefit would likely outweigh the risk.

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    I nursed a whole bunch of kids lately who had both out, and there was not one complication. All were up drinking and eating about 2 hours later, apart from the teenager.
    And yeah..it is a gentle procedure. I sat in on a couple, fainted during the first one, because I am a wuss.

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    In ds school one of his classmates had an older brother who a week later had a hemorrhage. They rushed him into hospital, unfortunately a few mistakes were made and he is now a complete vegetable, cannot talk or walk. Very sad. That is the only person I have heard about something happening too though.


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