I have been leashed onto the computer for surfing the Google, Yahoo, etc to find the handmade natural soaps (and body products) in Perth or Western Australia only. Not across the states or Australia wide.

I am trying to look or find the handmade soaps from locals, small businesses, stay at home mums, farmers, stall markets and fairs/festivals around Perth or Western Australia. It would be good to contact them on the phone for order the soaps if have websites or none provided on the internet. I don't want to buy the soaps from shops (supermarkets, chemists or health food stores) or the companies (big businesses).

I don't mind ANY brand names (make the list) than the Billie Goat Soap and MooGoo if it is available in Western Australia. You know that Billie Goat Soap and MooGoo are from east states, not in W.A.

What are the good websites for me to find the soap directories in WA? Some people set up their successful businesses for the websites but don't have websites.