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    Hi everyone.
    I would appreciate your opinion on my situation:
    My official lmp was on the 19 of June. My next cycle wasn't due until 17 of July. I decided to take an early pregnancy test before my period starts on Sunday the 12 of July. I got a very faint positive and thought nothing of it.
    Next day I took another early response test and it came out positive, a stronger line this time. I took a digital one but it came out negative. Confused, I waited another day (Tuesday) and took another one. Again positive. Finally on Wednesday, I took a digital one and finally it was positive.
    Very happy, I knew that I shouldn't be getting my period the next day (17 of July). On Thursday, I went to work as per usual and was very happy that there was no sign of a period. A few hours later, I noticed that my periods came on. Very confused with this, I proceeded to call my GP who told me that you are pregnant (as hpt have an accuracy level of 99%) and probably miscarrying. He advised me to go to the emergency department. I went to the hospital, where they did a blood test. Hcg level came back at 22 and the doctor said this is inclusive; you are probably not pregnant and this is your periods. Not really content with this answer, I went to my GP and explained the situation. He said you are pregnant but in the process of miscarrying. He had me take another blood test the next morning to check my levels. The following are my hcg levels:
    Thursday 17 July: 22 (test at the hospital)
    Friday 18 July : 30
    Monday 21 July: 45
    Tuesday 22 July: 60
    Scan at the hospital showed nothing

    I then went to another hospital to get their opinion, and did another blood test on Friday 25 July and the results were 94 hcg level.

    They want me to come back on Monday and see how my levels are doing. But to be honest, I am loosing hope.

    I don't have any pain except a slight back discomfort. bleeding stopped three days later with very light spotting every now and then.

    I am scared, but just want your opinion: if this is a miscarriage, how long till my numbers go down. They just seem to be always going up at a slow rate.

    Thank you

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    Sorry it's so confusing.
    My only thought is be sure they rule out an ectopic some time soon because I've read that levels can keep rising slowly with a tubal pregnancy. Also the back pain is a little concerning but that could be normal.
    Take care

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    Make sure they rule out ectopic, my levels were higher but only went up by half each day, they couldn't find as anything on a scan, had me wait a week but in the mean time I had some bleeding & some SLIGHT pain, I went to ED & an ultrasound showed thickening of the uterine wall but no pregnancy, took bloods and they'd gone up by half again - they diagnosed ectopic & I had surgery the next day to locate the pregnancy & it was in my left tube. Ectopic can be incredibly dangerous if not diagnosed and it ruptures. Good luck x


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