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    We ended up going with a 9kg hoover, mainly that brand as DH got a huge discount through his work, but loving it so far

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    I have a Front Loader LG Combo (so its a washer and dryer in one) which is now 3 yrs old. Cost me an arm and a leg at $1200.

    Most people HATE combo's ... For a growing family. A combo is CRAP. For me though, hubby and I are shift workers and the combo is a life saver. Means we can put washing on, Set it to wash and dry and go to sleep. No need to get up / break sleep to put it in the dryer etc. Its also great for doing things overnight such as towels etc. But be warned, Most people hate them because to dry anything they take hours! They do NOT replace a typical dryer. We have a normal dryer aswell lol.

    When im not working, I just use it as a standard washing machine (you dont have to always dry in it). I love it. I had a top loader prior to this machine and when my clothes went through my front loader .. I thought stains that were never coming out ... Came out! Ill never go back to a top loader. Gentle on clothes, No rips or stretched elastics from getting caught on the agitator, Gets things cleaner / Stains out that my Top Loader never did.

    Mine also has a hand wash function and can be set at all sorts of temps and a delay start. I like putting it on at night with a finish time of when I get up so its ready to hang out straight away.

    I cant talk any higher of my washing machine. I love it.


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