Hi everyone,

My name is Tatjana Dordic and I am a PhD student at Griffith University, QLD, Australia. As part of my PhD research I am interested in your experiences when giving birth at the Mater Mothers’ (Public) Hospital.

This project aims to explore the way in which health professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health staff, work together to provide care for patients.

The title of the project is “Inter-professional practice: Exploring the role of motivation and defining effectiveness”.

Overall, this research aims to identify factors that may improve inter-professional practice and patient care.

Participation in this research project involves a 30 minute interview in which you are asked about your experience giving birth at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital. The interview time and location is negotiated to suit each individual participant.

In order to participate you must be 18 years of age or above and have given birth at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital within the last 6 months (February 2012 onwards).

This research is being conducted under the supervision of A/Prof Liz Jones and in conjunction with Mater Health Services.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact me on t.dordic@griffith.edu.au or (07) 3735 3329. Alternatively, please feel free to provide me with your details through the online discussion board and I will contact you.

Your participation in this research would be much appreciated.