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Thanks mrs Simmo. Just having a low day. Been so looking forward to getting this thing up & started, excited more than anything, had to get to gp prior & between waiting on gp + tfc re opening after festive hours my bubble just burst a little. I'm only really out a couple of weeks, and I'm trying not to pin my hopes on it being successful on the first attempt but that in itself is what's freaking me out. We're already into 2013 & if it works 1st time for me it'll be near end of year before due date. If it doesn't how long will they make me wait to retry?? & it's not like I can be hopeful of a chance natural conception between cycles cos I'm now taking the blasted OCP which makes me queasy, yuk. I'm certain that's entirely psychological as I hate taking pills but anyway. So much hangs in the balance whilst we wait for that NGO. Our plans are to move interstate & I was hoping to do that whilst on maternity leave. Hubby may now need to leave without me in July!!! And I can't help thinking that by the time this baby comes, if I am fortunate...I'll be nearly 35 if not 35 at the time. Sorry, had to rant. All the Christmas babies born have set me back again wondering IF maybe we're never gonna be blessed with a baby. Enjoy every minute of your time off work & hope all goes smoothly!!xxx
I feel your pain and its all normal to feel like that x
As how quick can you try again just right a list and take it to your appointment of all the questions you have that way you don't forget and you get the answers first hand that's what I did
We were very luck I mean very I only had 2 eggs at pick up how ever only one fertilized and that was the one they put back and it worked first go it was our first attempt at IVF also I know it's hard to not get excited but it is part of the roller coaster you have your good and bad days I wish u all the best try and stay strong xo