We are having the scan this thursday, I can't wait! I haven't seen my little baby since week 12! and that was some 8 weeks ago! How quickly things change and grow, I can imagine a little face now, and more developed features. It's all i can think off! No uni, no work, no nothing just baby! That and bugaboo dreams lol! I really want one but I'm not sure if I should get the Cameleon or Bee! lol!

Anyhow is anyone else going to the scanner in Fitzroy, he is a private and pretty exclusive guy or so I am told, the last scan he did was amazing. I am fussy in one way because I don't like the baby being exposed to too much of the scanning time and he is thorough and quick and gets the same results in some that take 4 times as long. Forgot his name though lol! On Victoria Parade.

I cant wait to see our baby!!!!!!!!!! also I cant wait to see all of yours!!!!