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    captainscaptain, I'm so sorry. What a crappy situation. Its good that your friends now, but yes you really should talk to her and let her know that your still upset about how she was treating you. You deserve an apology!!
    Thanks, I feel for you too! It's ridiculous...the thought of speaking to my friend about it makes me feel sick though probably in fear of losing her friendship again but I guess if it causes that then she isn't a real friend, is she?

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    I'd like to insert a little bit of the voice of infertility here. Speaking from experience - infertility can cause many crazy emotional reactions in different people. For most infertiles ... month after month of not being able to fall pregnant can be like month after month of suffering a loss. Although your friend is having a major flip out at the moment ... she probably doesn't mean it maliciously and might in the end be able to reconcile her emotions concerning your pregnancy.

    Really it's an unpleasant situation for all involved and though your friend did tip over the edge of crazy a little .. if you truly value her friendship.. maybe try to have an open non-judgemental discussion after giving her some time to digest it?

    In the meantime - enjoy your pregnancy and try to let go of angst


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