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    Question Nearly 10 month old baby, can I just use Zymil or should I use formula

    Hi ladies,

    I have a big baby boy, just about 10 months and over 11kg. He is currently breastfed for 3 feeds but I need to stop - he has 8 huge teeth and he has cut me soooo much on one breast it is pure agony, but today it is bleeding quite bad and the cut is pretty deep so Im thinking i have to stop this is crazy.

    What formula is best for this age group or can i just use zymil??!

    Also Can i stop b/feeding cold turkey, i tried expressing but its even more painful than him feeding as it pulls the gash.

    Thanking in advance!

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    Ouch, sounds sore OP. You could stop cold turkey, I guess it depends on how engorged you get if you don't feed, and how painful you feel it is. The doctor could give you something to dry up your milk if you felt you needed it. I didn't feed for 24 hours the other day and barely noticed the difference, but everyone is different.

    I would switch to formula rather than milk at 10 months. There are lots of options, inc organic or lactose free... there is a sticky in the bottle feeding section I think. If he has not had a bottle before you may be better trying a sippy cup of formula rather than a bottle.

    Good luck.


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