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    I hate tiles.

    My parents have a tiled foyer - a big square area just inside the front door and it's white flat tiles and a few coloured tiles to make a nice pattern. That is ok. It's a high traffic area and it's easy to clean and people can happily leave dirty shoes there, etc.

    We have tiles inside the front door, in the kitchen and down the hallway. My biggest fear as a mum (more than SIDS, etc) has been slipping on the tiles with the baby in my arms. I'm terrified of it. I've slipped on a wet patch in the kitchen once and hurt my back (grabbed the bench but didn't fall over as such) and thankfully I didn't have bub in my arms at the time (ds was 3 months old). The tiles have a rough surface and a pattern to them. That does definitely hide the dirt quite well and I suppose I can't complain about that, but they are cold, hard, slippery and if you want to change them it's seriously hard work (a lot harder than pulling up carpet & getting new carpet).

    We just went away a couple of weeks ago and stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment in Queensland for 9 days. It was a nightmare. My 11mo dd is trying to stand on her own and will be walking alone soon. for now she stands up holding onto things, then falls back - usually intentionally & onto her bottom, but not always. The whole living area was tiled with flat tiles. She fell over & hit her head on the tiles 3 times in 2 days despite out best efforts to corden off an area for her to play in and covering the floor with blankets, cushions, etc. She also picked up dirt off the floor when she crawled that was not visible on the floor, but definitely visible on her pants. It wouldn't have been an issue with carpet. We hired a playpen at the first chance we had (we arrived on a Friday night, so had to wait til Monday) and set that up with padding underneath to keep her safe.

    We have high quality vinyl on the floor of our bathroom & laundry and I love it. It's soft & warm and easy to clean.

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    Default Re: Those with tiled floors

    Quote Originally Posted by NancyBlackett View Post
    Check out tiles that are a wood finish.

    Earlier iterations of them were a bit dodgy but you can get some these days that you'd be hard pressed to know were tiles.

    The wood look makes the space feel cosier, but you still get the cooling benefits of tiles. Plus they has some texture so hide dirt and dust.
    Oh yeh we saw them at Amber tiles and are going to use them in an outside tile on our front verandah.

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    We live in a house that is full of tiles..beautiful tiles actually. But I much prefer floorboards over tiles and would never tile my own house (we rent). Ours are matte and a terracotta colour (they look really nice with the house which is mediterranean themed) and they are so much better than the white tiles we had in our last place (so dirty so easy....would never, ever, ever choose that) but grout is a total pain to deal with.
    We haven't had an issue with kids playing on our hard floors either and we just be careful when they're learning to sit, early walkers etc.

    I would never choose carpet though. Carpet is gross. Floorboards are my no.1 choice.

    I sweep and mop my floors every day with Enjo. I vacuum once or twice a week and my floors stay clean with Enjo.


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