Just a mega sooky day vent here, I need to get it out.

I'm so over my shoulder, I've lived with this pain for 4 years now, first they thought I simply had bursitis in my shoulder but after 9 cortisone injections and no improvement they have finally sent me to a specialist.

Now they think I may have a slap lesion, not too sure the implications of this but I know it means surgery, go back to the specialist on the 20th.

I'm so over living on pain killers and anti inflammatories, they only take the edge off the pain these days but leave me feeling like a space cadet all day.

I can't do anything, can't take DD somewhere cause I can't drive like this, even at home, I'm useless, can't hang washing out, washing my hair or taking off my bra is torture.

It's not fair, I'm over it.

Poor DD is stuck entertaining herself while I let the pain killers kick in and get over the light headedness, it's so not fair on her

I know there are so many other people who go through so much worse but this is really getting me down, I can't work full time due to the pain and meds, yet I'm not eligible for disability.

I just want a working, pain free shoulder, I can't live with this pain much longer, and what the meds are doing to my body (TMI, but I am so over the constipation).

:'( I hate this!!!!