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    Default High language but low literacy?

    Hi, help for a friend please. Her son is in gr 4 and has very high language skills -great at converstations etc. If you only spoke with him and didn't see his writing you wouldn't think there was any problem at all, indeed he seems very intelligent. He has very low reading and writing however. His spelling is very poor (unreadable) and he can barely write a few sentences. He does remedial reading at school. My friend is worried that there might be an underlying issue. ANy thought about what it might be?

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    I would suggest taking to get him assessed for phonological awareness difficulties. These most often become apparent in the kindy/pre primary years, or when a child is learning to read/write. If they have a deficit in this area it is very likely they will struggle with development in early literacy, leading to further problems as they progress in school.

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    I would be making an appointment to get him assessed. If there is no issues, then thats really good but at least she will know for sure and they could point them in the right direction for helping him whether there is any underlying issues or not. Maybe he just needs a different approach. Whether there are underlying issues or not it sounds like he needs some help.

    My DD2 (Year 3) was complaining constantly of knowing things in her head but then not being able to write it down. Her verbal skills in class discussions showed she was quite intelligent but it didn't reflect in her written work at all. She is doing almost average though, so not really struggling so none of her teachers thought it was an issue but it was becoming a huge issue for DD2. Her writing is messy but her spelling is really good and reading is quite good too. But, she shows that she seems to know more verbally as she has a lot of trouble putting things in writting. She complained at times of not being able to think at school. She has a lot of trouble even starting work and needs to be prompted and then has trouble finishing work too.

    I'm really glad we had her assessed. We actually learnt a lot about how much she is really struggling from day to day. For example we now know she is a visual learner and needs a visual example in order to understand things more and that she has huge issues with concentration. Even sometimes when she looks like she is paying attention she probably isn't. She has Inattentive ADHD.


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