Hi all,

I'm new to the forum.

We're moving at short notice from Sydney to Newcastle and I need to find somewhere to send my four-year-old to preschool next year.

I'd be very grateful if people could recommend good preschools in the area.

We will be living at Waratah West at least initially and one place we are considering is Jesmond Community Preschool so it would be really useful to know if anyone has sent their children there.

We are willing to explore preschools closer to town and even toward Toronto on Lake Macquarie if that will mean a better experience for our daughter, especially since we have relatives in both places who will likely be helping with pickups.

I've heard second-hand that it can take one to two years to get in to preschools in Newcastle, so I'm worried about that. Does anyone know if it's really that bad? Is that only certain schools?

Many thanks in advance!