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    Default Obtaining medical records from public hospital.

    Quote Originally Posted by leoness79 View Post
    What happened? I would like a copy of mine as well but how long do they keep them as mine were 10 yrs ago?
    I called the hosp, I have to go in and sign some forms etc then I should get them in the mail about 6 weeks later.
    I didn't have a extremely traumatic birth, but it was enough to leave many unanswered questions for me as to why a c-section wasn't done sooner.
    I was induced, after active labour started I was in labour for 42 hours, pushed for an hour and a half and then her heart rate dropped very low and didn't pick back up, I had blood clot so I was rushed down for a C-section under GA.
    What annoyed me more about the situation was the entire time DDs head never engaged and never came down, on our way to theater the umbilical cord prolapsed
    It was a bit of a mess, I was told during pregnancy I most likely wouldn't be able to give birth naturally (due to other reasons like a fractured pelvis, baby's size with my fractured pelvis) but they would give me a go, I then asked for a c-section and was flat out told no.
    The whole thing was very bizarre!
    I never had a follow up appointment after the c-section either.
    2 weeks ago I had keyhole surgery done and they found endo, after me begging for a lap to be done for the past 7 years because I knew something was wrong and my pain wasn't disappearing with all the prescriptions they were throwing at me.
    I just feel as though i have had to fight tooth an nail to get proper care, the main reason I want my hospital records is because we have private health and I will be looking for a new gyne, my DHs work can have the possibility of moving us around and I want those notes for future reference when it comes to my reproductive health and any future pregnancies.
    I know hospitals can transfer notes etc but I would rather have a copy for myself.

    I'm sure they would still have your hosp notes after 10years.
    Give them a call.
    Good luck

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    jesus that warrants traumatic birth to me

    I hope you get the answers you need

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    sounds like a great idea to have those notes by the sound of it. How traumatic. I defo think a new gynae is on the cards.


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