Hi Everyone,

I went on the waiting list at Monash Medical Centre in January this year. I was initially told a six month wait for a TL however they have lost funding and it now won't be until at least March next year. The wait is killing me, totally ruining my sex life as I'm so nervous of pregnancy with condoms alone and I can't tolerate hormones.

Question is has anyone had it done in another public hospital in Victoria recently and what were wait times like? I don't mind where I have to travel to. Dr is happy to refer me wherever.

My big issue is that I don't have children nor intend to (I'm 31 and have known this all my life) and doctors are reluctant which I find quite insulting. Yes, a bit odd that I'm on this forum but have been an egg donor twice before so came across it that way. Also figured it would be a good place to ask! I have been through counselling and the counsellor was happy that I am making a considered and informed decision so that may have some weight.

I was booked in to go private but even with health insurance the out-of-pocket would be $1800+ which I just can't do at the moment.