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    He does have a cup of sustagen every morning with his breakfast.
    I usually make sure he has a massive breakfast before his morning tablet.
    So he'll have cereal or toast or porridge, then the sustagen afterwards.
    He doesn't eat much lunch, just picks, has afternoon tea with no drama, then dinner is touch and go. Somedays he's starving others not.

    His diet is high calorie and carbs (when he eats properly).

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    Thanks so much for that! Sounds good. I will look into where to get it for her to try. The only flavour she would like is chocolate though. She doesn't like other flavours and only really drinks water or soy milk. She does like the chocolate soy milk too though.

    She's a very picky eater which doesn't help things. I have been getting a banana and glass of soy milk into her as an afternoon snack most days. I can't get her to eat extra for breakfast as she has this little ritual going on and breakfast is Special K for every day LOL. She does eat a pretty large bowl of it though and a small glass of soy milk.

    eta: That sounds like DD2 as well. Sometimes she is starving and seems to eat a truckload while other days not so much.as well.
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