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    Default Ergo in hot weather?

    Help me make a decision please!!!

    Baby #3 due in less than six weeks. Baby #2 turns 2 a couple of weeks later. He's a tiny little thing and only weighs 10kg, very independent expect when he has to walk anywhere that there is people he doesn't know.

    I don't want to get a double stroller for a number of reasons.

    Had a Baby Bjorn for baby #1. It hurt my back too much so I didn't use it much.

    Had a wrap style carrier for baby #2. Too hot, and felt a little awkward. Didn't use it much, but still have it.

    Really liked wearing my baby, but so far two styles haven't worked for me. Really like the idea of an Ergo, but hesitant to buy one in case it doesn't work out either, but know I could resell it on Ebay if it didn't work out.

    We live in the tropics. Considering an Ergo Performance because I've read they are best for hot climates.


    a) Should I buy one?

    b) Performance or original?

    c) Should I bother with an infant insert, or put my toddler in the Ergo and the baby in the stroller?

    d) If I get the insert, should get the regular one or the performance one?

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    Default Ergo in hot weather?

    We don't live in the tropics, but we loved our Ergo Sport when on holidays in Bali with our toddler.
    It was so handy to have and my husband found it much easier to use than a sling or baby bjorn.
    I too am a few weeks away from having my bubs and DS is about 10kgs (at22 months). While he can still go in the Ergo, I have bought the newborn insert so I can push him and wear the newborn. 10kgs does get heavy no matter what way you wear him!

    Here is the one I have: http://store.ergobaby.com/Baby_Carriers/Sport

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    Default Ergo in hot weather?

    DS is almost 3 and DD 4 months. I don't have a double pram either. When DD was 7 weeks we went to QLD and I found putting DD in the Ergo with the infant insert and pushing DS in the pram quite comfortable and we did a lot of walking. Admirably the weather was milder than summer but still warm for a southern like me. I have an Ergo sport.

    I haven't actually put DS in the Ergo since DD was born but he actually preferred the pram where he could look out than the Ergo unless he was very tired then he liked cuddles.


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