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    Default The kids are just all over me, I'm exhausted!

    Oh you're definitely not alone. I've only got one but if I so much as form a lap for five seconds she's in it and climbing all over me. She also has no filter about when I am talking to someone else - including DH. Drives me bonkers.

    It's lovely, I know. But you're right. Utterly exhausting.

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    Default Re: The kids are just all over me, I'm exhausted!

    Ha ha jaspat as I started reading your post I thought I was going to get a ticking off lol You have a point though, there has to be a balance, I can't be at their beck & call.
    We had a wee chat just now about interrupting, cos I was on the phone and they were jumping up and down asking me stuff. Dd2 informed me that she is just a "little girl big girl and can't un-stand intruping". Ha ha yes I'm buying that one, not!

    I think it's part of adjusting to them being a bit older now too, encouraging them to be more independent. I've had bonding issues/PND but that is much better lately, so maybe I've given them a bit to much lee way cos i feel guilty about the bonding.

    And maybe they sense that I am better and just can't get enough of this strange new happy mum

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    haha! I had some pnd issues too and did spend time pushing DS away a bit (mother guilt), i found that the less i played with him, the less he expected and then the more i gave him of me, the more he wanted.
    Enjoy being happiern and spending more time with them, keep trying to explain interruptions etc and one day they'll get it!
    A work colleague used to be really good at telling her children that mummy had spent x amount of time with them that day doing xyz and now was spending time with x person doing abc;

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsTiggyWinkle View Post
    So how old are your kids runaway? Mine are 3.5 & almost 5, the elder is the worst and junior is copying everything she sees.

    **Nothing spells as goof as typo splats**
    Mine are almost the same age 3&5 and I can totally relate! I have no idea how much attention they need but mine get more then enough, but it still isn't enough
    In my case though it's mainly my 3year old and then the 5yr old gets jealous and they will fight for my attention. At 35weeks pregnant I don't really want to be jumped on, climbed over and knocked about. I've tried telling them I need some space but it doesn't really register, well my 5yr old understands, 3yr old not so much. I've tried ignoring them, and I've tried showing them copious amounts of attention, both resolve in them wanting more and more. I'm just hoping it's a phase that quickly passes, it really is exhausting and I feel guilty that I haven't got the energy/patience to deal with it lately.


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