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Cuddles - sounds like you were getting on top of things. I know it is hard but sometimes you just have off days. Stick to what you have been doing and follow as closely as possible the routine you have put in place. If it continues like this for a couple of days - then start analyzing what you might need to change. You will more than likely find she will sort herself out without you changing anything.
You are right here! Tuesday she was really off too but went back to self settling and sleeping at least 1hr 20 again.

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Re reflux: are you on Losec? Is it helping? Assume you have tilted the bed etc to help reflux when sleeping?
DD is on Nexium which is the same but a higher dose. The bed is also tilted.

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Oh, and re 5am waking. Could she be getting cold? Maybe try adding an extra blanket after the 3am feed and see if a bit of extra warmth might get her through. 5am is generally the coldest part if the night.
I think this might well have been the case as the 5am waking hasn't happened since I've added an extra bamboo blanket.

in people's experience, once babies learn to self settle in the day and night, can they generally continue to do so as they get older (other than during illness, teething or growth spurts) or are sleep regressions still inevitable as they get older / past 6 months?