For a week now DD has been waking at 430am and I don't know what to do.

A week ago we put her in a big bed so now she gets herself up.

She still goes to bed with ease at the same time (8pm) & stays in bed and sleeps right through.. Till 430am anyway. She used to sleep till 630am.

Sometimes shell get in our bed and kind of lay still for another hour, sometimes she's AWAKE and roams the house till DH or I muster the energy to drag ourselves up.

I've tried letting her in our bed, laying her back in her bed, laying in her bed with her, getting up & keeping her up till after lunch nap time & moving nap time forward & shortening it.

She still woke at 5am

Any ideas/suggestions?

I don't function well at 4am and I also work nights so I'm averaging about 4hours sleep. Lack of sleep is making me cranky & much less patient with DD also.