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    Question Mirena Pregnancy?

    Rare poster.

    Ive been on mirena since last November. Never ha these problems before. I feel nauseas, got a touch of the flu (never ever get sick), tender nipples,
    Hot and cold flashes, extreme lack of tolerance (usually I'm great) lack of taste, loss of appetite, headaches and general fatigue. Stressing out bad and heading to the doctor today just wanted to know has anyone on here fallen pregnant on mirena? I've neer experienced such hardcore problems before =(


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    I fell pregnant with DD3 whilst on the Mirena!

    Dr's were all quite surprised. The mirena actually worked it's way out by it's self one day when I went to the loo. We were on holiday and as soon as we got home I booked an appt with the Dr to see about getting a new one put in.

    A couple of days later I realised I had been getting bad carpal tunnel at night - something that had only happened when I was pregnant before! Raced off to get pregnancy test which came back positive. Dr sent me for a scan and I was 12 weeks pregnant - so the mirena had come out when I was 10 weeks!

    Felt quite silly that I hadn't picked up up the signs earlier, but it was the last thing on my mind!! I had noticed that I had put on a bit of weight lately and my boobs were bigger - but I just put it down to eating too much on holiday! Other than that and the carpal tunnel I had no other symptoms, but I never suffered morning sickness until I was 3 months gone with my other 2 either.

    Maybe you just have the flu! Goodluck!

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    I had a Mirena for almost two years, and I've regretted ever since. About a year and a half into having it I clued on to the fact that my plethora of side effects was all because of the hormonal issues with Mirena. If you Google Mirena side effects you'll see that they include some symptoms that could be related to pregnancy, estrogen dominance, flu, and heaps more.

    Good luck, hon!


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